Veteran Continues Her Mission with Habitat

Habitat welcomes our new fellow from "The Mission Continues", Renee Bell. Renee is a Navy veteran who was honorably discharged after 13 years of service. She moved to Atlanta with her son in 2006 who is now on active duty with the Army.

At the beginning of this year Renee joined the organization "The Mission Continues", which empowers veterans to readjust to civilian life by providing them with opportunities to help their communities. Like many veterans, after the military, Renee endured a phase of feeling without a purpose, but that changed when she came across "The Mission Continues". "The Mission Continues has given me back my confidence that I haven't had for some time now", says Renee.

As a fellow with "The Mission Continues", Renee was paired with Habitat. She decided to work with Habitat because of hardships she has faced in her life. Renee shared, "I've always wanted to build houses... I was homeless myself for a short time," she said. "It was a really powerful moment in my life, so I've always wanted to give back".

In addition to building houses, Renee also works at the Smyrna Habitat ReStore. The experience has left Renee changed for the better. "Since joining Habitat for Humanity I think I've found what I've been missing, and I want to say thank you."

The message Renee wanted to leave with other veterans is, "Absolutely sign up with The Mission Continues. Choose a cause that's dear to your heart and sign up to be a fellow. It will change your life".

Click on the picture to hear Renee's story.

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