Why Did Tom Decide To Be A Crew Leader?

Click here or on the picture to listen to our crew leader, Tom.

Interviewer: I am here this morning with Tom. Tom, tell me why you decided to be a crew leader with Northwest Metro Atlanta Habitat.

Tom: Well, it's a really easy decision for me to do this volunteer effort because I love to build things. I probably own every tool known to man. It’s a natural outlet for me. I really believe what Habitat stands for, giving people a hand up, not a handout. I think it is a great way to meet people. To do the work of the Lord. It’s amazing. We started five weeks ago with nothing here but a slab. Now there’s a house that will one day be a home for the homeowner. We work side by side with the homeowner. Her name is Monica. She is a wonderful person and that just makes it all worth doing. That is why I decided to be a crewleader.

Interviewer: Tom, thank you for volunteering.

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