Tiffany’s Story

Disabled Military Vet Now Has Family Home

Tiffany is a U.S. Navy Veteran with permanent disabilities sustained while serving our country. This single mother is raising two young children while enduring many daily physical challenges.

Thanks to Habitat, Tiffany, her son and daughter now have a handicap accessible, 3-bedroom home with a front lawn for her children to play.

After many years of living in substandard rental housing with non-working utilities, Tiffany and her family are grateful for the small things, like a dishwasher and a closet for her sewing machine.

Tiffany says her favorite part of the design is her kitchen window above the sink, "It reminds me of my grandmother's house".

Tiffany's story to hope has given her family a safe, accessible home in a neighborhood for her children to thrive.

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