Safety Leader, Bonnie

Bonnie has been volunteering with NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity for six years.  She first learned about us through Assurant's volunteer program.  Originally, her job included organizing volunteer activities. Now she continues to give back to the community through volunteerism.

Bonnie enjoys many of the build activities, including insulation and painting.  This year, she has agreed to be a Safety Leader. The Safety Leader is responsible for verifying (check-in and sign-in) volunteers at the beginning of the day. She distributes and monitors the use of wristbands and safety protection (e.g., ear plugs, gloves, goggles, etc.). In addition, the Safety Leader walks the build site to ensure adequate hydration and look for hazards.

Bonnie told us, "Owning a home is something I never thought I would ever do until I moved here.  So helping someone provide a home for the family is very rewarding for me personally. I’ve learned some useful skills that homeowners should know. Being able to do these things for myself instead of always hiring someone to do it gives pride of accomplishment and eases a financial burden that homes can create."

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