April 2015 Newsletter

Rhonda-simmonsShare The Joy!

Ronda Ingram Simmons paid off her home last week and she's celebrating!

Ms. Simmons applied to the Habitat program in 1997. She wrote, "I work two jobs to provide for my children and give them the things they need. I desire, more than anything, to have a home so my children can grow up and be better than they will be if they grow up in the projects."

Now, her two children are grown and her grandbabies are enjoying the house. She has learned, "If you work hard and have faith, the Almighty will take care of you."

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2015's First Work Day in Less Than 30 Seconds

Saturday, February 14th, we broke ground on our first build of the year. Watch below to see the walls raised in less than 30 seconds! Watch Now!

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