June 2015 Newsletter

spring-nl-picMoving In!

Teresa and her daughter moved into their new house last week. Two Men and a Truck generously donated their services on this happy occasion. Teresa's extended family was on hand to help the excited duo.

Teresa served in the Navy for 8 years, including a tour in Iraq, but had some tough times after her discharge. Jobless and homeless, she found it difficult to provide a foundation for her daughter.

With her new job at the U.S. Postal Service, Teresa became eligible to buy a Habitat home. The application process was long, but the folks at Habitat gave her the help she needed. As part of her sweat equity, she worked 100 hours on another Habitat home and 100 hours on her own home.

Now, all that effort pays off. Teresa is overjoyed that she has a stable place for her family. She advises others, "Even when you hit rock bottom, keep moving. God has a plan."

Name the Newsletter Contest Winner!

And the winner of our "Name the Newsletter" contest is...drum roll, please ... Tannyka (T.K.) Bent! She submitted the title, "The Hammer." Congratulations to T.K. and a warm thank you to all those creative souls who sent in their suggestions.

Neil Booth: June's Gray Ghost of the Month

Neil says, "On one of the first houses I co-led, the homeowner made a statement that has really stuck with me over the years." The homeowner said to Neil, "I am blessed to be able to sit in my new home and look out the window and know that this home was build out of love for me and my family by all of you." Learn more...

Wall of Fame

So far this year we have dedicated three houses!  We want to thank our amazing sponsors:

  • First House:  First United Methodist Church of Marietta; Georgia Anesthesiologists, P.C.; Heidelberg USA; Munich Re and Wells Fargo.
  • Second House: Cobb High School Coalition: Campbell, Kennesaw Mountain, Pope, Walton and Wheeler high schools.
  • Third House: Assurant

Contact us if you would like be among these fantastic sponsors and volunteers. Find out more!

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