July 2016 Newsletter

tomatoesCropGarden of the Month

During the summer months, we recognize the green thumbs of our homeowners. This month, we were delighted to hear from Kathy. She said, "I have lived in my home for three years now. I have tried to do a garden a couple of times and both times it wouldn't grow. Once because of the hard rocky ground and the second time because of hornworms eating all the crops. This year I used my flower boxes and large flower pots as containers. They are working well. I have already eaten my first homegrown (oh, my gosh delicious) tomato and have a watermelon and many more tomatoes on the way. Some plants did not like the containers, peas and cucumbers, but I am happily awaiting pumpkin, corn, beets, carrots and celery, as well as the tomatoes. The ants ate all my spinach, but that was a small price to pay to see the rest of this garden grow. I thank God and Habitat for the opportunity to feed my family GMO-free foods and live a peaceful life in my home. Next year, I'm thinking of a stone patio or brick landscaping around the perimeter of the house. We'll see..."



Bonnie: DIY Woman

Our newest hire, Bonnie is a DIY woman. Her life motto is: "I can do that." Last week, she brought in her latest project, a sign she made for one of our new homeowners. She created the sign from 100-year-old lumber from an old building on her husband's family farm. She explained, "This is a piece of my family, given to their family."

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Zaxbys November fundraiser HillgroveHillgrove High School Starts HFH Club

Hillgrove High School seniors Lauren and Eric wanted to make a difference - in their school and their community. They formed a student organization, joined a coalition of other high school clubs, worked on a Habitat house, refurbished family meeting rooms at DFACS, and more.

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Chip In For Habitat

Mark your calendar on October 3 for the Sixth Annual Chip In For Habitat golf tournament. The event will be held at the Brookstone Gold and Country Club in Acworth, GA.

100% of the proceeds will be used to build houses for deserving families in conjunction with our affiliate.

Full details and the opportunity to register can be found at http://www.chipinforhabitat.com/