Mary’s Story

Habitat Homeowner Marilyn "Mary" Gonzalez of Powder Springs relocated from Puerto Rico eight years ago, seeking a better quality of life. Mary had two goals - a home of her own and a home where she could invite her parents to live permanently.

These goals seemed unattainable as Mary worked three jobs just to pay rent for a small bedroom in the home of a family of five.

Mary applied to NW Metro Atlanta Habitat in 2014 and was initially turned down as her debt was excessive for her small income. The team encouraged Mary to reduce her debt and recommended credit counseling. Then she reapplied for a home. It was a difficult road, but Mary saved enough money all while volunteering on Habitat house builds on weekends!

Her dream was realized with the dedication of her Habitat house in April 2016, with her parents at her side. This new house would be their home too.

Being a homeowner has allowed Mary and her parents to have full-time jobs. According to Mary, the best thing about her monthly payment is "Now I pay for me!"

Her house is the most beautiful house in the neighborhood of older homes. She and her parents meticulously maintain the yard, added fencing and a shed, and their neighbors have taken note. Neighbors have improved their yards and houses to keep up with Mary!

Mary is looking forward to celebrating her second Christmas and New Years with a family tradition. The newly-fenced backyard will be the site of a pig roast. Mary has an even greater goal: to find a husband and start a family!

Mary's story to hope has allowed her to "Pay for me". With your help, more Habitat families can achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Your support - $20 a month or any amount you can afford - helps a woman like Mary build a decent place to call home. Give today at Donate Today. We are thankful for you.

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