Homeownership FAQ

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Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about homeownership are answered here. You’ll find information about who is eligible to buy a Habitat home, owning a Habitat home and building a Habitat home. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, please contact us.

1. Do you give away homes to people who are in need?
No. NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity is both a builder and a mortgage holder. All applicants who qualify for a home must have a steady source of income and must repay a mortgage with on-time, in-full payments every month.

2. Do I have to have children to qualify for a Habitat home?
No. Habitat is a Fair Housing organization, which means we do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or family status. Thus, our program is open to all household types including individuals, couples, single parents with children, couples with children, etc.

3. If I buy a Habitat home, can I ever sell it?
Yes. Families who purchase Habitat-built homes can sell them at any time. Habitat retains a “right of first refusal” that requires an owner to ask Habitat if it wants to purchase the home before the owner sells it to a third party. Otherwise, just like any other homeowner, selling a house typically requires marketing it through a real estate broker (including paying commission), continuing to pay the mortgage until it is sold, and living in it for several years to build enough equity to earn a profit.

4. Are there any other restrictions on owning a Habitat home?
Yes. Like all other affordable housing programs, NW Metro Atlanta Habitat requires that its houses are homeowner-occupied. This means that you cannot use it for business purposes, leave it empty, rent it out, or allow others live there in your place. Habitat also requires the property to be maintained and kept in good condition. After a homeowner has fully paid off the mortgage, these restrictions are removed. Habitat does request continued property maintenance.

5. If my income increases after I have bought my home, will that affect my status?
No. Habitat encourages homeowners to continually improve their financial status through additional education, training or job promotions/changes that provide better pay, hours and/or location.

6. How does Habitat decide where to build?
Habitat acquires land either through purchase or donation, which limits where we build. Potential applicants who want to partner with us need to be willing to live where we are currently building.