Types of Volunteers


We have many different types of volunteers.

Build Site Volunteer: This is the typical volunteer experience you think of when you hear Habitat for Humanity.  It's a full day of construction work that ranges from raising exterior walls to painting and landscaping.  It requires a day long commitment (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and usually occurs on Saturdays.

Construction Committee: This is a group of committed volunteers who regularly work on construction sites and tasks. House Leaders, Crew Leaders and "gray ghosts" come from this core group of volunteers who meet at 6 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at the Affiliate's office.

Events: From time to time the Affiliate participates in or holds special events. Volunteers are needed both ahead of time and at these functions (e.g., sponsor appreciation, community exhibits, fundraisers, local fairs, etc.).

Safety Leader: Help us keep our build sites as safe as possible. Do you want to support a Habitat build, but cannot perform the level of physical labor required? The safety leader is a mandatory volunteer position. The safety leader is responsible for verifying (check-in and sign-in) volunteers at the beginning of the day. He or she distributes and monitors the use of wristbands and safety protection (e.g., ear plugs, gloves, goggles, etc.). In addition, the safety leader walks the build site to ensure adequate hydration and look for hazards.

Photographer: At special events, dedications, and sometimes on build days that are not sponsored by a specific group, we appreciate having a volunteer dedicated to taking photos. Habitat can supply the camera, so consider indulging in your photography hobby as a volunteer for us.

Family Selection Committee:  The Family Selection Committee meets monthly to review and make recommendation for approval of the families who have made application for homeownership. Due to the sensitive nature of the information presented, this is a closed committee. Committee members must be willing to go through orientation and public background verification. The committee also works with staff and the Homeowner Support committee to develop programs to support homeowner success.

Homeowner Support Committee: The Homeowner Support Committee serves both our newly selected homeowners as well as existing homeowners who are interested in continuing education. Members of this committee serve as mentors to newly approved homeowners by offering support to them as they navigate the process of contributing sweat equity and attending financial responsibility classes. Committee members must be willing to go through orientation and public background verification. This committee works directly with staff to develop continuing education programs and seek support from the community at large for resources and programs that would benefit Habitat homeowners. This committee meets monthly.

To sign up for a volunteer event,  click here.