What is a House Leader?

Want to be a House Leader? We are seeking volunteer candidates who want to be a part of our mission of building strength, stability ans self-reliance through shelter. NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity partners with home sponsors and qualified families to build a Habitat home on a 9 week build schedule.

A key volunteer position in our building process is the House Leader.  This is the person with the overall responsibility for volunteer work on the build. A House Leader has been chosen because of their familiarity and experience in building homes consistent with the procedures and techniques adopted by NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. The House Leader reports directly to the head of the Construction department.


The House Leader is responsible for ensuring that:

  • Houses are built in a quality manner, consistent with the procedures and techniques adopted by NW Metro Atlanta Habitat and in compliance with local building codes
  • Volunteers function in the safest manner possible, adhering to all safety guidelines
  • All efforts are made to make the build site as a place of fun, good humor and cheer for all volunteers
  • Every on site volunteer has executed liability waivers and other pertinent documents necessary to protect both the volunteer and the organization
  • Daily inspection is made of all hand and power tools to ensure that they are safe to use
  • A report is made to the NW Metro Atlanta Habitat construction staff after each build day (example: progress, problems and special needs for the next build day)
  • The work site is maintained to ensure that all tools and supplies are secured and ready for the next build day
  • Any injury is reported to NW Metro Atlanta Habitat’s office at the earliest possible time

A House Leader’s qualifications are as follows:

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Must be recommended by the construction committee co-chairs and approved by the Construction department

Click here if you would like to speak to one of our construction staff about becoming a House Leader.  We will call within a week to discuss House Leadership opportunities.