How to Celebrate Your 16th Birthday

When you are a mom with an almost-16-year-old daughter, you ask her the traditional question, “What do you want to do for your birthday?”  When Simone asked Taneli that question, Simone got a very non-traditional answer.  Her daughter wanted to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

Simone went to work organizing a Sweet Sixteen to remember. She invited several of Taneli’s friends from Harrison High School to spend the day working on a Habitat for Humanity house in Marietta.   10 teenagers agreed to celebrate in this unique way.

On this particular Saturday, the house itself was already complete.  However, the yard needed landscaping.   Taneli and her friends raked, spread out pine straw, installed sod, and planted shrubs and bushes.

At the end of the day, we asked Taneli why she chose to volunteer at Habitat for her birthday.  Taneli said, ”We all have so much. and I want to give back. This is a good opportunity to not think about myself and to think of someone else.”

Taneli gave us a lot to think about and her upbeat attitude lifted out hearts.  Happy Birthday to Taneli and thanks to everyone who participated!

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