Bonnie is a DIY Woman!

BonnieWillisOur newest hire, Bonnie, is a DIY woman. She enjoys working on her house and making projects that she sees on Pinterest. She paints and makes plaques. She says, “My life motto is I can make that.”

Bonnie came aboard two months ago as New Construction and Warehouse Manager. Our affiliate currently has four houses under construction, so she has kept very busy. In addition to construction on the site, she keeps the pods stocked for our Saturday volunteer workers and manages the warehouse inventory. Since Habitat homeowners contribute 100 hours of sweat equity building their own homes and 100 hours building another Habitat home, she has gotten to know the homeowners on the current build sites.

Last week, she brought in her latest project: a sign that she made for one of our new homeowners. (That photo is Bonnie holding the sign she made.) Her husband’s family farm has some abandoned buildings over 100 years old, including a barn and a sharecropper’s house. She used some of that distressed wood to create a personalized gift for the Habitat family. She explained, “This is a piece of my family given to their family.”

Bonnie felt that after weeks of construction, a connection forms between the Habitat staff and the family. She believes that “God is big on relationships. That is why Habitat is successful.”

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