Homeownership Is a Partnership

taking-the-hammerHabitat for Humanity's mission is to eliminate substandard housing by building simple, decent homes for qualified, low-to-moderate income working individuals. We seek partnership with those who do not qualify for a conventional mortgage and do not have access to other homeownership options. Applying for a home is a thorough and detailed process. Applicants for homeownership are approved based on the following criteria: A need for housing, a willingness to partner, and an ability to pay the monthly mortgage.

Buying a home from Habitat is a partnership which requires future homeowners to participate in certain principles of Habitat's mission.

NW Metro Atlanta Habitat's commitment to that partnership includes building or renovating a home and selling it with a 0%-interest mortgage.

As part of Habitat's "Pay-If-Forward" principle, future homeowners commit to completing 200 hours of 'hands-on' Sweat Equity for a newly constructed house, and 100 hours for a renovated house.  They also continue following additional program guidelines as outlined by the affiliate.